Why You Should Invest In More Than One Professional Headshot

A professional headshot is a must these days, whether you’re a business owner, a freelancer, an employee or simply using it for your social media. A headshot photographer can capture your unique personality, add interest and intrigue to your photo and create a unique image for your website or social media profiles. As with most things, the headshot is the first impression you make. If you’re going to be judged by your headshot, you’d better be doing something right. The headshot is your personal brand, your sales pitch, and your professional identity. It’s your calling card.

But why should you invest in more than one headshot? 

(Above: Jen Brown’s two headshots, © Kris Fulk Photography.)

Whereas a single headshot may be used to represent you across many mediums, such as a Facebook page, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, etc., a second headshot is more likely to be used for your one-to-one marketing. This is especially true if you have multiple products and services. The second headshot allows you to represent your brand(s) in a more personal way.

Another benefit of a second headshot is that it allows you to create a different mood. One headshot can be serious and polished, while the other can be fun and casual. They can each have different uses: one for your professional brand, for example, and the other for your personal one. Even if they are both for your professional use, sometimes you don’t want to express something with a smiling headshot. A newsletter or an article with a more serious tone, for example, would warrant a non-smiling headshot. Or if you’re using them both for your personal brand, consider a more neutral one for LinkedIn, a platform where professionals connect or look for jobs, and a smiling one for Twitter or another more personable platform like Facebook.

Additionally, a second headshot will allow you to experiment and find out which works best for your brand. You might already be doing A/B testing for your paid advertisements, so you know the value of distilling for the best representation and perception of your brand. 

Finally, a second headshot allows you to express different sides of yourself. If you are a bit shy or introverted, for example, you can choose to have a second headshot with a smiling expression. This is often the case with business owners and entrepreneurs. A smiling headshot shows that you are friendly and approachable. Research has shown that a smiling headshot increases your likability. Compared to a smiling headshot, a headshot with a serious expression allows you to portray yourself as a more confident and professional person.

When it comes to your second headshot, don’t be afraid to be creative. The headshot is your branding tool. Be sure to choose a style that fits your personality and the tone of your business, whether with an outfit change or a fun background color. This is something I discuss with my clients after booking. Perhaps you might even consider a library of images that contain both headshot and portrait varieties. If you’re in the Piedmont Triad or the Piedmont Triangle area of North Carolina, specially in Winston-Salem and Charlotte, I’d love to help you capture your different brand personalities. Go ahead and email me with the type of headshot you need.