Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy. Please read carefully about how your information is used and stored while you are navigating my website or interacting with my business. This page was updated January 28, 2024.


This website is built using Format. To view their privacy policy, please visit here.

Client Information

I use the services of Dubsado in order to manage my business, including client management, client relation and workflow processes. When a client fills out one of my questionnaires, the information is stored in Dubsado in order for me to understand what the client needs and be able to give an estimate. Other forms a client may receive are contracts and terms, model releases, invoices, and pricing information. To view Dubsado's Privacy Policy, please visit here.


After the shoot, I will either use Dropbox or my website using Format to deliver the images to my client. When proofing via my website, it will ask your email address in order to track your Favorites and your downloads when applicable. When proofing via Dropbox, please see its Privacy Policy here.

Payment Collection

Two ways in which clients can pay their invoice are through PayPal or Stripe. Although I use those services in conjunction with Dubsado, your payment information are not stored in Dubsado. The Privacy Policy for PayPal can be seen here, and for Stripe here.


When visiting my blog at or receiving my questionnaire, you are able to Opt In to receiving my newsletters through MailChimp. You can Opt Out or Unsubscribe at any time, or simply ignore the prompt and don't enter your information. To view MailChimp's Privacy Policy, please visit here.


I use Gmail for my business, which is linked with Dubsado for my clients. To view Google's Privacy Policy, please click here.


Kris Fulk


Mailing address: 1959 N Peacehaven Rd, Number 265, Winston-Salem, NC 27106