What can a great business headshot do for you?

Client: Globant, Raleigh Office

Client: Tara Wustner State Farm, Kernersville

Client: Globant, Raleigh Office

Client: Tracy Renfro

Your headshot is one of your potential clients' first touch points with your business. Why not make it a great first impression?

Visuals are so important in this digital age, and now more than ever your marketing should reflect the human aspect of your business. As a headshot specialist, Kris can help bring your team's best selves forward through posing and lighting techniques. By answering this questionnaire, we can determine the best approach to your particular headshot project.

What can a great business portrait do for you?

Headshots are a wonderful introduction to your brand or company. It's a quick glimpse of the faces of the people that make your business unique.

But a great business portrait shows your clients more about you and who you are as a person. They are more personable than headshots and are applicable for a more varied use. 

Business portraits are great for editorial use, specially in articles or magazines, in brochures and in blogs. 

Can you think of ways you could incorporate business portraits into your marketing? When you're ready, fill out this questionnaire and tell us about your project. 

Featured: Tracy Renfro, future massage therapist.

How can shooting on-location help elevate your brand?

Whether you're looking for headshots or business portraits, shooting on-location can add context and fill the frame of your images. A well chosen dynamic background adds to your story in whatever profession you may be. It can make you look more approachable and more professional.

Featured: Michael and Kary Church, Publisher and Editor of Kernersville Magazine. Above: Michael Church.

What is a library and why should you consider it?

A library of images is a collection of various shots for your use.

Getting a library of images can be essential when you know you need a variety of shots in your keeping. However, it is also quite handy having a library when you are not sure exactly how many you will need. Having several images in your collection gives you the ability to use them now or to use them later. 

You can even rotate the images you're using so that your visuals are refreshed every so often. 

When you know you want a library of images for your project, simply fill out this questionnaire so that we can understand what types of shots you need.

Stuck on how many images you would like? Don't worry: even if you come in for a headshot and decide later that you'd like a library of images instead, you can simply purchase  a collection of the shots you liked.

Featured: Holly Stack, owner and brow guru of 4th St Brow Studio, with her team at The Parlor in 2018. 


About the Photographer

Kris Fulk is a professional photographer located in Winston-Salem, NC. She travels nationally for assignments and projects. Her work has been seen in local magazines like Kernersville Magazine and Winston-Salem Magazine as well as international publications like Atlas Magazine. Her client list includes Farfetch, a fashion brand based in the UK; Globant, an international tech company based in the UK; and Deer and Doe, a fashion company specializing in creating original clothing patterns based both in France and in the US.

You may email her at kris@krisfulk.com or give her a call at (336) 777-6205.

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